Bayer People Care for Society

Developing Talents via Social Commitment

Volunteering to grow: The Bayer People Care for Society program gives Bayer employees the chance to work on foundation projects for a limited time. They can contribute their professional know-how and return with new experiences and inspiration for their normal job.

Bayer People Care for Society: Bayer Mitarbeiter zeigt freiwilliges Engagement

Tobias Ludwig, internal corporate consultant at Bayer, worked for three months at an orphanage in Bolivia.

Bayer honors the voluntary commitment of its employees. As part of the Bayer Cares for Society program, which is coordinated by the Bayer Cares Foundation, the Bayer Group sends employees to projects that the foundation is currently involved in. Employees can use their skills at sites around the world to support a wide range of medical, social and educational projects. Back at their workplaces, these employees enrich the company with valuable experiences and new perspectives.

The on-site engagements last three months and are open to both individuals and teams. The foundation also provides project and travel scholarships as part of the program.