Bayer People Care for Society

Developing Talents via Social Commitment

Volunteering to grow: The Bayer People Care for Society program gives Bayer employees the chance to work on foundation projects for a limited time. They can contribute their professional know-how and return with new experiences and inspiration for their normal job.

Bayer honors the voluntary commitment of its employees. As part of the Bayer People Care for Society program, which is coordinated by the Bayer Cares Foundation, the Bayer Group sends employees to projects that the foundation is currently involved in. Employees can use their skills at sites around the world to support a wide range of medical, social and educational projects. Back at their workplaces, these employees enrich the company with valuable experiences and new perspectives.

The on-site engagements last three months and are open to both individuals and teams. The foundation also provides project and travel scholarships as part of the program.

Giving Hope to Children in the Philippines

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Kathleen Rieser, Senior Brand Manager for Consumer Health in Leverkusen, spent two months in Tacloban, Philippines, teaching students German and helping manage a hospital.

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Kathleen Rieser wanted to help where help was needed. In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan hit the island nation of the Philippines and left chaos in its wake. In response, she transformed into “Teacher Kathleen” and taught German to the students at Holy Infant College. The Bayer employee also provided valuable assistance to the Mother of Mercy Hospital, which was in dire financial straits following the typhoon. She helped develop a business plan and identified problem areas in the hospital together with the employees. They then developed solutions as a team and started implementing them.

Both the school and the hospital are operated by the sisterhood Religious Sisters of Mercy. Contact with the sisterhood was made via Caritas Germany; the organization cooperates with the Bayer Cares Foundation in the Philippines.

Kathleen Rieser: “This time was a great opportunity for me to gain experience in an area very different from my normal work. It allowed me to see what is truly important: creating value for people.”

Read more about her experince in this report of the Bayer Magazine.

Advancing an Agricultural Project in India

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Nadine Springinklee, Consultant at Bayer in Leverkusen, spent three months in India to support a hygiene and agriculture project led by the NGO EFFORT.

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Having an agricultural background herself, Nadine Springinklee was instantly drawn to the Bayer Crop Science-sponsored WASH project by EFFORT. Its goal is to enhance the health of people and the environment by having trainers teach small-scale farmers and village communities basic principles on water usage and hygiene as well as how to use pesticides safely. The Bayer Cares Foundation connected Nadine Springinklee with the EFFORT trainers on site in India. As a result, the corporate consultant moved into an office located in a small village in the Indian state Andra Pradesh for three months. Here, she developed an Impact Assessment Framework for the project – a concept and the necessary tools for measuring the short and long-term impacts and successes of WASH. At the same time, she developed a fundraising strategy together with EFFORT and developed a donor database.

Nadine Springinklee: “My wish of seeing the direct impact of my work on site was realized. The time spent in India also helped me to rethink the things I value in my own life.”

A Big Brother for Orphans in Bolivia

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From Consultant at Bayer in Berlin to childcare provider in South America. Tobias Ludwig lent a helping hand to an orphanage in Bolivia for three months.

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The home Hogar de Niños offers young people in Santa Cruz a roof over their heads, warm meals, education and leisure activities. Tobias Ludwig also called this place home for three months. The 33-year-old spent much of his time with the children – supporting them with their homework and teaching them yoga. Together with the kids and other volunteer helpers, he transformed a small piece of land into a garden. Here, the orphanage now grows fruit and vegetables that they eat and sell. The biochemist also created a website and did some PR work for a vocational school neighboring the orphanage.

The orphanage is managed by the monks of the Amigonian brotherhood. The Bayer Cares Foundation organized contact with the monks and Tobias Ludwig’s stay with them in cooperation with Bayer Bolivia.

Tobias Ludwig: “My time in Bolivia was an amazing experience filled with meaningful work. I was able to help people directly.”

Read more about her experince in this report of the Bayer Magazine.

Health Project in Eastern Africa Professionalized

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Yuchen Li, Project Manager at Bayer based in Whippany (USA), worked three months in Nairobi and Kakamega (Kenya) conducting impact assessment of Youth-to-Youth initiative founded by DSW (German foundation Weltbevölkerung).

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Yuchen Li applied her expertise in project management, market researchand marketing to support DSW on its Youth-to-Youth initiative. Supported by the Bayer Cares Foundation, DSW advises low-income youth and women in emerging countries on sexual reproductive health and rights. The foundation has founded 400 youth clubs in Eastern Africa for this purpose. Here, young people meet with peers who have been trained to provide them with the necessary information – advice for equals, so to speak.

Yuchen Li’s task was to analyze the effectiveness of the youth club network and propose improvements. The corporate consultant conducted over 100 in-person surveys, visited many clubs and slums and interviewed stakeholders in the individual communities.

Yuchen Li: “If I managed to support the youth in their work, then every minute of my time was well-spent.”

Colombian Market Assessed for Innovative Healthcare Concept

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Edwin Powers is a Consultant for Bayer in New York. As part of Bayer People Care for Society, he assessed a potential entry into the Colombian market for the Duisburg-based social enterprise Discovering Hands.

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Discovering Hands has developed a unique concept for breast exams: Women with visual impairments use their haptic abilities to detect cancer at an early stage. This allows for tumors to be found and treated more quickly. At the same time, this concept gives women with visual impairments completely new opportunities for work.

The social enterprise, which receives funding from the Bayer Cares Foundation, is looking to take its concept international. One possible target country is Colombia and that is where Edwin Powers came into play. The Bayer employee traveled to Cali in southwestern Colombia, as well as Bogotá, the Colombian capital. Over a period of two months, the corporate consultant developed a feasibility study as well as a road map for entering the South American market with a group of student volunteers from the Universidad del Rosario. He also met with various stakeholders and executives and analyzed the Colombian healthcare system as well as demand.

Edwin Power: “I was able to improve the economic and social impact of a very charitable initiative. That is a wonderful feeling.”