Disaster Relief

Help and Hope in Catastrophies

Providing relief and recovery after an earthquake or stopping the spread of an epidemic takes long-term commitments. With financial assistance and know-how from the Bayer Group, the Bayer Foundations help restore hope to those affected while focusing on providing sustainable relief.

After a catastrophe, the first priorities are to bring order into the chaos, rebuild the necessary infrastructure and give the people in the region hope for the future.

The Bayer Cares Foundation supports these goals while keeping a long-term perspective. It does so by supporting the construction of new homes, health centers or educational facilities and ensures that the needed aid and medications are available. The most important thing is making sure that the people receive the help they need and that help is provided where it is needed. In order to ensure both of these goals, the foundation works closely with the local Bayer sites and recognized aid organizations.

Recent Projects

Katastrophenhilfe in NepalZoom image

To support the rescue teams and meet basic healthcare needs after the massive earthquake in Nepal, Bayer donated € 100,000 to the “Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund” in India in 2015. Furthermore, Bayer supported those affected by the earthquake with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medications worth over € 300,000.

Bayer versorgte die Krisenregion in Westafrika mit MedikamentenZoom image

To help combat the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the Bayer Foundations supplied protective gear worth € 75,000 in 2014. Bayer provided the crisis region with medications valued at € 3.7 million – the largest donation of medications in the company's history.

Bayer unterstützt die Philippinen bei der Bewältigung der Folgen des Taifuns HayianZoom image

Bayer and its employees donated a total of € 280,000 in 2013 to support the Philippines as it recovered from Typhoon Haiyan. The funds were used to build new homes and health facilities.

Zoom image

After the devastating earthquake in the Chinese region of Sichaun, Bayer provided a quick donation of € 120,000 in April 2013 and later boosted the donations collected by its employees. The company also provided medications and safety equipment worth over € 1 million.