The Bayer Foundations' Energizer for Social Impact Pioneers in Health and Nutrition

Grants4Impact (G4I) is the foundations’ seed-funding energizer program for impact entrepreneurs and social pioneers in health and nutrition related areas. The program intends to give change makers around the globe new opportunities to grow in partnership with Bayer. In batch periods of two years, five carefully selected pioneers will be granted a total fund amount of 1 Million Euro to help scale their powerful ideas to the next level of impact. In addition, we provide additional in-kind contributions such as knowledge, mentoring, coaching and consulting from our global network of experts and partners.

G4I connects impact pioneers in health and nutrition to bigger funding pools, knowledge and power in order to unleash their scale-up potential for the benefit of the rising billions in need.

Selection Process

G4I candidates are nominated by the Bayer foundation from a carefully selected international pool of projects that come through our scouting routines for the Aspirin Social Award and impact pitch session which we host at leading events throughout the year at our Tech-4-Good roadshow.
Every two years, the program jury host a global pitch day to select five candidates to join the program. Meet the jury here. If you wish to be considered for a nomination, please email your idea to us or meet us at the Tech-4-Good roadshow.

Program Schedule

Each program participant receives up to 150.000€ in seed grants to execute and scale the winning idea. Each batch of our program operates for a time period of two years including the following phases:

  • Field phases: these are the main G4I phases in which each participating projects works in its individual market on the deployment and "scale-big" of the project plan as agreed with us.
  • Campus phases: up to 4 times we will be hosting campus phases with world leading experts. All projects participate in order to lean and grow as a group together.
  • Showccasing events: all projects gain lots of opportunity to present their projects at various events globally to gain visibility and attract follow-up investors.
  • Networking access: throughout all phases all projects will be gaining access to the global network of leaders and experts of Bayer and the Bayer Foundations.

What participants may gain...

  • Two year program with full access to Bayer Foundation’s global network of experts and leaders
  • Up to 150,000€ in cash per team
  • High visibility at leading global conferences and PR partnerships
  • Active match-making with investors for global roll-out and up-scaling after G4I

What candidates must bring...

  • A tech solution with potential for true global impact in a health or food related grand challenge
  • Clear understanding about the power and the sustainability of your innovation
  • Inspiring entrepreneurial thought leader with execution readiness
  • Full impact plan and a leading non-profit implementation partner for the G4I period
  • Go-To-Market strategy for ongoing scaling after G4I

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Winners 2018

SafetyNet: Smart lightening nets for selective fishery | UK

Unwanted bycatch is a massive driver for over-fishing. 27mio tons of fish per year is unwanted bycatch and thrown back dead into the ocean – this is insane. The UK-based social startup SafetyNet creates Smart Lightening devices for Selective Fishery - the technology uses specific light spectrums to attract and de-attract fish species selectively into the nets. This avoids by catch and helps significantly to stop overfishing the oceans. SafetyNet will cooperate with fishing cooperatives and NPOs in Indonesia, putting 120 lightening devices to work and analyzing its success as a basis for later scale-out into bigger fishing cooperatives across Oceania. Meet the Winner:

BISA M-Health – Doctors at Your Fingertips | Ghana

Millions of people in rural Africa life more than a day of traveling away from the next doctor or clinic. This gives them little to no access to basic health. BISA operates "Ask Your Doctor Online" telemed services to give remote people in Africa access to health. BISA expands the well-established service from Ghana into Senegal in order to launch a 1st ever French language version of the service.

iBreastExam – Handheld Breast Cancer Screening Device | USA – India

Over 500,000 women die every year due to breast cancer. Almost 50% of these breast cancer cases, and 70% of death cases, occur in less developed countries. The mortality rate is significantly higher in such countries, because mammography as the early screening standard is not available. iBreastExam is a portable handheld breast cancer screening device that can measure tissue compression and shear stiffness. It allows breast cancer mass screenings in the remotest areas of the world. iBreast will launch its social enterprise in India to reach millions of Indian women while expanding to Latin America.

SANI SOLAR — Sun Powered Autonomous Sanitation System | Germany – Africa

Billions of people have no access to clean sanitation. Particularly in remote areas of Africa, traditional sanitation concepts do not work sustainably since they promote open defecation. This causes severe logistic issues without proper access to sewers and maintenance. SANI SOLAR is the answer: a revolutionary sanitary system fully autonomous from water, electrical energy or chemicals. Instead, it dries the feces by solar power and reduces them to only a fraction. It is easy to handle and fully independent without any need of external disposal service or maintenance. SANI SOLAR will expand to the Northeast of Brazil to make the solution available to the rural population.

COOLAR – Electricity Free Medical Refrigerators | Germany – Africa

There is an exploding demand for cooling all over the world – particularly for medicine storage or food preservation. In developing countries, traditional cooling systems do not work properly because they need either a reliable energy supply or expensive batteries. Also, movable parts wear out quickly under harsh climate conditions. As a consequence, millions of people suffer from starvation or cannot be treated properly since medicine and vaccinations cannot be stored. COOLAR is revolutionary new cooling system based on adsorption cycle technology involving NO electricity whatsoever (no solar panels, no power supply needs, no batteries). COOLAR will undergo intense field tests and usability studies in refugee camps and medical missions in Africa.