Social Impact Programs

Solving humanity’s grand challenges in health and nutrition

Societal ecosystems are complex and face diverse challenges. Innovations often reach the raising billions in need only thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of impact pioneers – exceptional man and women who dare to brave the unknown for the purpose of shaping the future of mankind by creating new solutions for humanity’s big challenges. At the Bayer foundations, we are scouting and supporting such impact pioneers with the intend to help developing and scale groundbreaking answers to humanity's big challenges related to the Sustainable Development Goals No. 2 “zero hunger” and No. 3 “health and well-being”.

Our programs: Social Impact Grants and Awards
The Bayer Foundations have been acting as catalysts for societal progress and frontier innovations ever since Friedrich Bayer Junior laid the basis for first activities in 1897. Building on these 120 years of history, in our social impact programs we seek to find, foster and scale the most powerful solutions for social health challenges and the food crisis. Our engagement portfolio consists of a 200,000 EUR Aspirin Social Innovation Award to honor and showcase the most promising social impact ideas, and a 1 mio. EUR Grants4Impact energizer program to help scaling the most powerful innovations to the next level if impact to reach the rising billions in need.